Cooperative for Multiplicity [Ço:K]

“But we didn’t collaborate like two different people. We were more like two streams coming together to make a third stream, which I suppose was us.”

G. Deleuze

A non-profit social cooperative.

Designed as an unbiased interface to create tangible collaborations. 


News / Posts


Capacity Building Training was delivered to the Experts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Training on “Monitoring and Evaluation Processes of Outsourced Projects” Successfully Completed by the Cooperative for Multiplicity…

27 June 2020

Plastik Kirli Okyanus

Climate Change Agenda from 2019 to 2020 is published

The first study on Climate Change Agenda, which will be
updated every year, has been completed by compiling the
opinions of our stakeholders, who engage with climate change
and environment.

21 May 2020

Moloz ile bisikletçi

Innovative Project Developed in the Field of Sustainable Urban Mobility

A project proposal on innovative approaches and methods in sustainable urban mobility planning and implementation was presented to the Turkish National Agency in April 2020 within the scope of the Erasmus+ KA202 Strategic Partnership Programme.

23 April 2020



What is “Cooperative for Multiplicity”?


While problems are getting more complex, our need to cooperate increases within the race of finding solutions. The ability to cooperate is a talent which is developed and matured by working together. It’s a multilateral ripening process. To improve this talent and diversify cooperation opportunities, as a group of colleagues, we have established Applied Cooperation Scientific Research and Development Limited Liability Cooperative. We would like to realise the theoretical framework of the cooperation concept through mission-oriented and multilateral praxis.


There is also the matter of “multiplicity”, which we borrowed from Deleuze. Coming together has made us a multiplicity. We have been transformed into something that cannot be degraded to its parts and we proceed by creating layers. As we established a multiplicity, we founded the cooperative to create multiplicities. This is why our nickname is “Cooperative for Multiplicity”.

Our becoming

“Cooperative for Multiplicity” is a non-hierarchical product of different compounds which are continuously becoming and dissolving. It aims to diversify co-creation opportunities while providing the minimum conditions to create value by different competencies coming together in different planes and different ways of organisational structures. The sole objective of Cooperative for Multiplicity is to explore and create numerous opportunities for co-existence through building appropriate conditions for the implementation of cooperation practices.



What do we mean by “Compounds”?

The sum of projects and activities which are consistent in themselves and serving the same ultimate goal are defined as compounds. Ço:K has three compounds which are Liveable Places, Industries of Future and Mass Flourishing.



Industries of Future




Fields of Work

Projects and Activities 

Bringing together different institutions and individuals to create an impact in a specific area constitutes the main axis of all our activities.  Our team consists of collaboration designers who can combine their knowledge and experience in different areas of expertise. We are building eco-system cores based on co-working of individuals and institutions that can systematically intervene in a particular social problem instead of designing projects in the classical sense. These meaningful collaborations will be supported by various funds or conducted with a self-sustaining business model. 

Ço:K Activities,

  • Built upon complex problems that can be solved by combining different competences.

  • Designed to diversify the options, rather than to guide for a specific solution.

  • Designed through a future-oriented approach.

  • Aiming to protect and reproduce our common assets.

  • Subject to open attack and development for a certain period, during the design phase.

  • Flexible in terms of production method, management system, and sharing model.

  • Inspected by Quality Control Teams to ensure high quality in service.

Change Management

Plan, Program & Strategy Development

Solution Design

Project Cycle


LifeLong Learning




Ecosystem Development 

Entrepreneurship Next


Business Model Design


Our Team

Cooperative Partners

Our cooperative consists of 8 people.  All members of our team have advanced English proficiency.  Four of our partners are working on their PhD dissertations, one holds a master's degree and three are continuing their graduate studies.  Our members have degrees in the following fields: Business Administration, City and Regional Planning, Economics, Environmental Engineering, International Relations, Physics, Political Science & Public Administration and Statistics. Finally, we should highlight that 7 of our 8 partners are women.


Platform Expertise

We have established the Platform Expertise so that it is possible for you to work with us even without being a partner to the Cooperative. If you believe in collaboration not of words but of deeds, please fill out the form completely after clicking on the box below.  



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